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A fully self-consistent density-functional theory (DFT) with improved functionals is used to provide a comprehensive account of structural, electronic, and optical properties of C3N4 polymorphs. Using our recently developed van Leeuwen-Baerends (vLB) corrected local-density approximation (LDA), we implemented LDA + vLB within full-potential Nth-order muffin-tin orbital (FP-NMTO) method and show that it improves structural properties and band gaps compared to semi-local functionals (LDA/GGA). We demonstrate that the LDA + vLB predicts band-structure and work-function for well-studied 2D-graphene and bulk-Si in very good agreement with experiments, and more exact hybrid functional (HSE) calculations as implemented in the Quantum-Espresso (QE) package. The structural and electronic-structure (band gap) properties of C3N4 polymorphs calculated using FP-NMTO-LDA + vLB is compared with more sophisticated hybrid-functional calculations. We also perform detailed investigation of photocatalytic behavior using QE-HSE method of C3N4 polymorphs through work-function, band (valence and conduction) position with respect to water reduction and oxidation potential. Our results show γ-C3N4 as the best candidate for photocatalysis among all the C3N4 polymorphs but it is dynamically unstable at ‘zero’ pressure. We show that γ-C3N4 can be stabilized under hydrostatic-pressure, which improves its photocatalytic behavior relative to water reduction and oxidation potentials.


This is a manuscript of the article Datta, Sujoy, Prashant Singh, Debnarayan Jana, Chhanda B. Chaudhuri, Manoj K. Harbola, Duane D. Johnson, and Abhijit Mookerjee. "Exploring the role of electronic structure on photo-catalytic behavior of carbon-nitride polymorphs." Carbon (2020). DOI: 10.1016/j.carbon.2020.04.008. Posted with permission.

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