Eugene S. Takle, Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences, Iowa State University


A study done by using a meteorological wind report from Mason City, IA tall tower, which reports wind speed at 200 meters, 150 meters, 100 meters and 50 meters used to determine power output for a wind turbine. The wind turbine used was a GE 1.5sle wind turbine and it is used in Mason City. This study was created to analyze the yearly, seasonal, monthly and level output of the turbines if they were built at each of the four levels. The data was broken up into total power produced and average power produced. In addition, a calculation of how many days the wind fell below the speed criteria was done and used to determine a reasonable cause to the results that were found. Overall spring was the best time that wind would produce electrical power, and April overall was the best month for wind to produce electrical power. The higher up the wind turbine would be the better the power would be produced.

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