Amara Piano Quartet Performing Live


Amara Piano Quartet Performing Live


Download Allegro non troppo (Brahms) (10.3 MB)

Download Scherzo: Allegro (Brahms) (4.1 MB)

Download Andante (Brahms) (8.1 MB)

Download Finale: Allegro comodo (Brahms) (10.1 MB)

Download Allegramente (Walton) (6.7 MB)

Download Allegro scherzando (Walton) (4.8 MB)

Download Andante tranquillo (Walton) (7.6 MB)

Download Allegro molto (Walton) (8.0 MB)


Members: Boro Martinic, violinist; Jonathan Sturm, violist; George Work, cellist; Mei-Hsuan Huang, pianist.

Innovation joins tradition as the Amara Piano Quartet rises anew from the brilliant history that defined its predecessor, the Ames Piano Quartet. The ensemble chose the name "Amara" to send a message that it is new yet classic, that combines a sense of mystery and timelessness with a beautiful sound. It is a name that, in the great literature and languages of the past, had associations with mythic paradise, with immortality and the eternal, and with something beloved. Like the new name suggests, the quartet will continue to perform for its audiences the immortal, beloved music of the past while it looks also to commission new compositions to become the masterpieces of the future.

Track Listing

Piano Quartet in C minor opus 60 (Johannes Brahms, 1833–1897) [36:20]:

(1) Allegro non troppo [11:14];
(2) Scherzo: allegro [4:28];
(3) Adante [8:52];
(4) Finale: Allegro comodo [10:46]

Piano Quartet (William Walton, 1822–1890) [29:20]:

(5) Allegramente [7:14];
(6) Allegro scherzando [5:09];
(7) Andante tranquillo [8:20];
(8) Allegro molto [8:37]

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Amara Piano Quartet, Johannes Brahms, William Walton

Amara Piano Quartet Performing Live