Supermarkets and Seafood in the North Central Region

J. Rosscup Riepe, Purdue University

This article is from NCRAC Fact Sheet Series #112. Used with permission.


Planning is necessary for any business to succeed. This is particularly true for aquaculture since the industry is still in the early stages of development. One area of planning that is too often overlooked is marketing. Marketing is a major part of an aquaculture business. Thus, it demands serious attention. A marketing plan is essential. Market information of various types is needed in order to develop a realistic, accurate plan.

Supermarkets account for about one-third of consumers seafood dollars (Seafood Business). Therefore, the behavior and trends exhibited by supermarkets deserve close attention from the aquaculture community. Little is currently known about the supermarket market segment in the North Central Region (NCR). This report is designed to fill the gap in market information.