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Large Mouth Bass

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Largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) are the most sought-after freshwater sport fish in the United States. Largemouth bass are a member of the family Centrarchidae. Currently the genus Micropterus contains seven species. As part of the development of the new strategic plan, the North Central Regional Aquaculture Center (NCRAC) is trying to address the concern that the long-term focus of research goals and priorities may be lost because the NCRAC Board of Directors (Board) and the Industry Advisory Council memberships change over time. The Board in the June 1999 meeting directed that an updateable white paper be written on largemouth bass. The white paper is not an exhaustive literature review, but a working document that defines the current status of largemouth bass culture including the critical factors limiting the economic production in order to make recommendations for future research. Industry participation and peer reviews are critical components for the evolution of this document.


This article is from NCRAC White Paper series, March 2000. Used with permission.

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