Pond Culture of Hybrid Striped Bass in the North Central Region

Joseph E. Morris, Iowa State University
C. C. Kohler, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
C. C. Mischke, Iowa State University


Striped bass (Morone saxatilis) have been commercially harvested for many years, however wild stocks have declined due to environmental degradation, habitat loss and overfishing. The U.S. wild fishery of striped bass was 6.8 million kg (15 million lbs.) in 1973, but declined to less than 0.2 million kg (0.5 million lbs.) in 1990. In the past few years striped bass populations have started to rebound due to restrictions on their harvest, but are unlikely to approach the 1973 levels. In response to decreased commercial catches, the striped bass and its hybrids have been commercially produced in ponds, raceways, and tanks to fulfill the established commercial markets. The 1995 aquaculture production was 4 million kg (9 million lbs.).