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A subsurface sampler including a cylindrical casing with portholes to provide access below ground to sample potentially hazardous substances without contaminating investigative probes that are inserted into the interior cavity of the casing. The sampler has an inner sleeve that seals the portholes on the casing during the insertion operation. After the casing is inserted into the ground, the inner sleeve is rotated such that the windows on the sleeve and casing line up exposing the soil to a variety of investigative probes. A tab or wiper is attached to the inner sleeve to clear soil blocking the portholes in the casing and to cut through the "smear" zone immediately along side of the outer surface of the casing. Once the sampler casing is in the ground and portholes are open, a sampling probe is inserted into the interior cavity of the casing following a track or guide system. When soil characterization is complete, the portholes can be closed off by turning the inner sleeve and capping the casing for future analyses, or the interior cavity may be filled with grout. The sampler casing is not intended to be removed unless the area is excavated.

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US 5,209,129


Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.

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