Department Chair: Heimir Geirsson

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies focuses on two areas of study. Its major in Philosophy seeks to examine human experience and reality through critical reflection and argument, developing skills in critical analysis and knowledge of ethics and philosophy. The major in Religious Studies seeks to investigate and reflect upon world religions in an objective, critical, and appreciative manner, providing students with knowledge of religion’s nature and its roles in social and individual life.

The Department of Religious Education was formed in 1926. In 1961 it merged with the Department of History and Government to form the Department of History, Government, and Philosophy, which dissolved in 1969 into the Department of History, the Department of Political Science, and the Department of Philosophy. In 1999 the Department of Philosophy became the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Dates of Existence
1926-1961, 1969-present

Historical Names

  • Department of Religious Education (1926-1961)
  • Department of Philosophy (1969-1999)

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