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Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials



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Single crystals of RPd2P2 (R=Y, La-Nd, Sm-Ho, Yb) were grown out of a high temperature solution rich in Pd and P and characterized by room-temperature powder X-ray diffraction, anisotropic temperature- and field-dependent magnetization and temperature-dependent in-plane resistivity measurements. In this series, YPd2P2 and LaPd2P2 YbPd2P2 (with Yb2+) are non-local-moment bearing. Furthermore, YPd2P2 and LaPd2P2 are found to be superconducting with T-C similar or equal to 0.75 and 0.96 K respectively. CePd2P2 and PrPd2P2 magnetically order at low temperature with a ferromagnetic component along the crystallographic c-axis. The rest of the series manifest low temperature antiferromagnetic ordering. EuPd2P2 has Eu2+ ions and both EuPd2P2 and GdPd2P2 have isotropic paramagnetic susceptibilities consistent with L = 0 and J = S = 7/2 and exhibit multiple magnetic transitions. For R=Eu-Dy, there are multiple, T > 1.8 K transitions in zero applied magnetic field and for R=Nd, Eu, Gd, Tb, and Dy there are clear metamagnetic transitions at T=2.0 K for H < 55 kOe. Strong anisotropies arising mostly from crystal electric field (CEF) effects were observed for most magnetic rare earths with L not equal 0. The experimentally estimated CEF parameters BY were calculated from the anisotropic paramagnetic theta(ab) and theta(c) values and compared to theoretical trends across the rare earth series. The ordering temperatures as well as the polycrystalline averaged paramagnetic Curie Weiss temperature, Bane, were extracted from magnetization and resistivity measurements, and compared to the de-Gennes factor.


This is a manuscript of an article published as Drachuck, Gil, Anna E. Böhmer, Sergey L. Bud'ko, and Paul C. Canfield. "Magnetization and transport properties of single crystalline RPd2P2 (R= Y, La–Nd, Sm–Ho, Yb)." Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 417 (2016): 420-433. DOI: 10.1016/j.jmmm.2016.05.089. Posted with permission.

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