White Mold Mushrooms Show Up

Xiao-Bing Yang, Iowa State University
Shrishail Sharanappa Navi, Iowa State University
Linus Li, Iowa State University

This article is from Integrated Crop Management News.


Over the last 10 days the weather was favorable for the production of soybean white mold mushrooms in Iowa. Yesterday we visited fields near Clear Lake in north central Iowa with crop consultant Dan Muff and found abundant white mold mushrooms in a continuous soybean field, which had a closed canopy with wonderful growth. The density of the mushrooms was very high, 3 apothecia/square foot, and soybean plants are likely to be infected. The early showing in such a large number in this field was due to early planting, good growth and a higher number of sclerotia from last year. According to Dan, this field had very bad white mold and this year it was planted April 29.