Note for fall soybean diseases

Xiao-Bing Yang, Iowa State University
Shrishail Sharanappa Navi, Iowa State University

This article is from Integrated Crop Management News, IC-142(20) (September 13, 2004): 112–113.


It is well established that outbreaks of plant diseases are associated with extreme weather. This year's extreme weather created favorable conditions for several soybean diseases. Sudden death syndrome (SDS) was severe in southern Iowa, and severe outbreaks of white mold occurred in eastern Iowa. The two diseases also occurred in other parts of Iowa, and an article will address the management of the two diseases later this year. Besides these two diseases, several other diseases are prevalent in fall causing early defoliation, such as brown spot, Cercospora leaf blight, and brown stem rot. In this article, we will discuss other diseases prevalent in Iowa this fall.