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In recent years, nematode-protectant seed treatments have become available to supplement resistant soybean cultivars to manage soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines; SCN). Twenty-seven small-plot and 18 strip-trial experiments were conducted comparing the effects of Clariva Complete Beans (CCB) and CruiserMaxx Advanced plus Vibrance (CMV) on SCN reproduction and soybean yield on a moderately resistant (2014) and resistant (2015 to 2016) soybean cultivar. Yield data were collected, and an SCN reproductive factor was calculated by dividing final (at harvest) SCN egg population densities by initial (at planting) population densities from soil samples collected in each small plot or sampled area in the strip trials. Relative to the CMV treatment, CCB significantly decreased SCN reproductive factor in two small-plot experiments (one each in 2014 and 2015) but not in any of the strip trials in any year. Soybean yields were significantly greater with CCB versus CMV in 5 of the 18 strip trials but not in any of the small-plot experiments, even when there were significant decreases in SCN reproduction. For unknown reasons, CCB significantly decreased yields in two small-plot experiments and at one strip-trial location. In summary, the effects of CCB seed treatment on SCN reproduction and soybean yields were variable in the years that these experiments were conducted in Iowa.


This article is published as K. M. Bissonnette, C. C. Marett, M. P. Mullaney, G. D. Gebhart, P. Kyveryga, T. A. Mueller, and G. L. Tylka. 2018. Effects of Clariva Complete Beans Seed Treatment on Heterodera glycines Reproduction and Soybean Yield in Iowa. Plant Health Progress 19:1-8. doi: 10.1094/PHP-08-17-0043-RS. Posted with permission.

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