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Molecular Plant Pathology




While numerous effectors that suppress plant immunity have been identified from bacteria, fungi, and oomycete pathogens, relatively little is known for nematode effectors. Several dozen effectors have been reported from the soybean cyst nematode (SCN). Previous studies suggest that a hypersensitive response‐like programmed cell death is triggered at nematode feeding sites in soybean during an incompatible interaction. However, virulent SCN populations overcome this incompatibility using unknown mechanisms. A soybean BAG6 (Bcl‐2 associated anthanogene 6) gene previously reported by us to be highly up‐regulated in degenerating feeding sites induced by SCN in a resistant soybean line was attenuated in response to a virulent SCN population. We show that GmBAG6‐1 induces cell death in yeast like its Arabidopsis homolog AtBAG6 and also in soybean. This led us to hypothesize that virulent SCN may target GmBAG6‐1 as part of their strategy to overcome soybean defence responses during infection. Thus, we used a yeast viability assay to screen SCN effector candidates for their ability to specifically suppress GmBAG6‐1‐induced cell death. We identified several effectors that strongly suppressed cell death mediated by GmBAG6‐1. Two effectors identified as suppressors showed direct interaction with GmBAG6‐1 in yeast, suggesting that one mechanism of cell death suppression may occur through an interaction with this host protein.


This article is published as Wang, Jianying, Greg Yeckel, Pramod K. Kandoth, Lakmini Wasala, Richard S. Hussey, Eric L. Davis, Thomas J. Baum, and Melissa G. Mitchum. "Targeted suppression of soybean BAG6‐induced cell death in yeast by soybean cyst nematode effectors." Molecular Plant Pathology (2020). doi: 10.1111/mpp.12970.

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