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Proceedings of the 41st Annual Frontiers in Education Conference

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Proceedings of the 41st Annual Frontiers in Education Conference

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October 12 - 15, 2011


Rapid City, SD


This paper reviews the framework and provides new result for the implementation of a new program designed to develop more effective future faculty in engineering. The core of the proposed program will be based on our efforts regarding the recently developed Minor in Engineering Studies (MES). This program will team up effective engineering faculty to train, mentor, and evaluate a select group of graduate students to teach classes in our MES program. The goal is to help the engineering graduate students (the graduate educators) become better communicator and better educators by training non-engineering students in technological literacy classes. This practice is being introduced as a possible venue to develop and enhance the effectiveness of the graduate educators as classroom instructors and that therefore this is the way to train effective future faculty in engineering. This paper will introduce new results, and describe the new findings and developments in this project. In this paper we introduce the conceptual framework of the MES and the results of the early implementation of this study.


This conference proceedings was published as Mani Mina, Diane T. Rover, and Mack Shelley, “Work in Progress—Preparation Creating Effective Faculty of Engineering: A Technological Literacy Approach,” pp. S1F-1 to S1F-2 in Proceedings of the 41st Annual Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE 2011). Rapid City, SD: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (2011).978-1-61284-469-5. Posted with permission.

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