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The mission of the Committee for Review of the Catt Controversy is to review the controversy over the name of Catt Hall and to make recommendations of specific action items that will help bring about closure of the issue.

Closure is defined as establishing open communication, reviewing and considering all relevant information, and taking all reasonable steps to generate a proposal that shows evidence of active and fair consideration of the diverse viewpoints on the issue. This is by no means intended to close or limit dialogue-in a sense "closure" is a process of expansion in that the Committee will encourage different views and freedom of debate on a college campus where people have been impassioned about this issue for a very long time.

The intent is for this process to be a means by which the Iowa State University community can openly and legitimately address this issue. The communication and dialogue will facilitate a sense of closure being developed on an individual basis, and in tum, a larger sense of closure will come about when the community as a whole is able to successfully move on to focus on other pressing issues of diversity and student needs.

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