This site contains the edited papers presented at the annual Review of Progress in Quantitative NDE held at the University of California, San Diego, August 1–6, 1982. This Review, possibly the most comprehensive annual symposium emphasizing both ongoing research and applications in quantitative NDE, was sponsored by the Center for Advanced NDE at the Ames Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy in cooperation with the Materials Laboratory of the Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratories and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Over 300 attendees representing various government agencies and the industrial and university communities participated in the technical presentations, poster sessions, and discussions.

Browse the contents of 1983 -- Volume 2:

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Reliability
Section 3: Probability of Detection—Ultrasonics
Section 4: Probability of Detection—Eddy Currents
Section 5: Weldments
Section 6: Closure Effects in Fatigue Cracks
Section 7: Technology Transfer
Section 8: Ultrasonic Scattering Theory
Section 9: Acoustic Emission
Section 10: Ultrasonic Scattering, Reliability and Penetrating Radiation
Section 11: Metal Matrix Composites
Section 12: Ultrasonic Scattering from Near-Surface Flaws
Section 13: Ultrasonic Multiple Scattering
Section 14: General Ultrasonics
Section 15: New Approaches to Ultrasonic Inverse Scattering
Section 16: Inverse Born Approximation
Section 17: Thermal Waves and New Phenomena
Section 18: Applications of Inverse Scattering
Section 19: Eddy Currents
Section 20: Residual Stress and Acoustoelasticity
Section 21: Engineering Applications and Material Properties
Section 22: Inversion of Eddy Current Data
Section 23: Acoustic Imaging
Section 24: Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Composites
Section 25: Ultrasonic Transducers and Standards
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