miracles of the Blog: A series by Carolyn Srygley-Moore

Dan Coffey, Iowa State University

This book review is from Poets Quarterly (2013): http://www.poetsquarterly.com/2013/07/miracles-of-blog-series-by-carolyn.html.


One of the supreme “Don’ts” that is almost implicit in book reviewing is “don’t review books written by friends." I reflected on that when I started writing this review – the author and I are Facebook “friends.” Because of Facebook’s Orwellian double-speak, “friend” doesn’t necessarily mean friend, any more or less than it means the opposite. I really don’t know Srygley-Moore except through her poetry, and our “chats” have been mostly limited to me asking her for a review copy of this book and her asking for my mailing address. However, Facebook is where I discovered Carolyn Srygley-Moore’s poetry. She posts notes containing her poems at an astonishing rate, and they are almost always very good poems, perhaps made more striking by the fact that they are published on Facebook, a decidedly non-poetic medium.