Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 10

Number 122
February 1930
International trade in pork and pork products

Number 123
March 1930
Proteolysis by Streptococcus lactis with special reference to butter cultures and butter

Number 124
April 1930
Infection studies of Diplodia zeae (Schw.) Lev. and control of seedling blights of corn

Number 125
May 1930
The biology of the four-lined borer Luperina Stipata (Morr.)

Number 126
June 1930
The production of artificial farm manures

Number 127
June 1930
The effects of artificial farm manures on soils and crops

Number 128
June 1930
Factors influencing egg production II. The influence of the date of first egg upon maturity and production

Number 129
June 1930
Long term loans of Iowa banks

Number 130
June 1930
The effect of delayed harvest upon yield of grain

Number 131
June 1930
Acidity changes associated with the keeping quality of apples under various storage conditions

Number 132
June 1930
Microbiological studies of some typical Iowa soil profiles