Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 11

Number 133
June 1930
The inheritance of color and horns in Blue-gray cattle II

Number 134
December 1930
Bacteriology of butter I. Influence of the distribution of the non-fatty constituents on the changes in bacterial content during holding

Number 135
January 1931
Nitrate assimilation in soils

Number 136
January 1931
Supplements to a milk diet for dairy calves

Number 137
February 1931
Bacteriology of butter II. A method for the microscopic examination of butter

Number 138
May 1931
A gene influencing the composition of the culm in maize

Number 139
May 1931
The measurement of the degree of saturation of soils with bases

Number 140
June 1931
The secular movement of corn prices

Number 141
June 1931
Bacteriology of butter III. A method for studying the contamination from churns

Number 142
June 1931
Genetic tests for linkage between row number genes and certain qualitative genes in maize

Number 143
June 1931
The biology of the stalk borer Papaipema nebris (Gn.)

Number 144
December 1931
Chemistry of butter and butter making I. A comparison of four methods for the analysis of butter with an explanation of a discrepancy found to exist in the fat determinations

Number 145
December 1931
Bacteriology of butter IV. Bacteriological studies on surface taint butter