Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


One of the problems confronting the designer of a dairy barn is to determine the proper length of the stall platform. Cows vary considerably in length, and the stall length should vary to to meet the requirements of individual cows. Stalls that are too short make uncomfortable beds, force the cows to stand with one or both hind feet in the gutter and cause them, in reaching for hay in the manger, to carry manure to the stall floor. Long stalls are equally objectionable as the droppings fall on the platform rather than in the gutter. Adjustable stanchions are available but not in general use. Where installed, the tendency is to set adjustable stanchions at the time of installation and not change them as the occupants of the stall change. Even with adjustable stanchions it would seem desirable to make the stall length approximate the needs of the herd.



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