Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 14

Number 167
November 1933
Resistance of dent corn to Basisporium gallarum Moll.

Number 168
December 1933
Pathogenicity, host response and control of Cercospora leaf-spot of sugar beets

Number 169
January 1934
The numbers of lipolytic bacteria in various dairy products, as determined with Nile-Blue Sulfate

Number 170
February 1934
Growth responses of the Gladiolus as influenced by storage temperatures

Number 171
March 1934
Competitive position of lard in the market of animal and vegetable fats and oils

Number 172
June 1934
Factors influencing a malformation of the leg bones of growing chickens

Number 173
June 1934
The metabolism of some Nitrogen-fixing Clostridia

Number 174
September 1935
Status of farm housing in Iowa