Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 17

Number 192
January 1936
Influences of rations and storage on the physical characteristics of eggs

Number 193
January 1936
A method of analyzing the effectiveness of local livestock marketing cooperatives in selling hogs

Number 194
March 1936
An external measure of egg viscosity

Number 195
February 1936
The pathological relationship between the host and parasite in varieties and strains of watermelons resistant to Fusarium Niveum E. F. S.

Number 196
April 1936
Some bacteriological and chemical effects of Calcium and Magnesium limestones on certain acid Iowa soils

Number 197
April 1936
The effects of liming on the liberation of Potassium in some Iowa soils

Number 198
May 1936
Leafy Spurge, Euphorbia Esula L.

Number 199
June 1936
Some of the factors influencing the infection and pathogenicity of Ustilago Zeae (Beckm.) Unger on Zea Mays L.

Number 200
June 1936
A possible intermediate step in the reorganization of rural elementary education in Iowa

Number 201
June 1936
The Northern Bob-White's winter territory