Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


1. Levels of protein supplement, ranging from none to 15 percent, in the rations of hens did not influence the loss of weight of eggs during storage.

2. The percentage of thick albumen in either fresh or storage eggs was not controlled by varying the percentage of protein supplement added to the hen's ration.

3. The extent to which the egg yolk retains its original well rounded shape during storage was not influenced by the addition of protein supplements to the ration.

4. There is very definite evidence that yolk color inf1uences the intensity of yolk shadow and consequent rapidity of the yolk movement when the egg is held before the candle. Dark yolks cause a darker yolk shadow and consequently a more pronounced yolk movement.

5. There was no difference in loss of weight during storage between the eggs produced in late winter, spring, or early summer when they were held at approximately the same temperature prior to storage.

6. The time of season at which eggs were stored did not influence their storage qualities as measured by yolk index and percentage of thick albumen.

7. Loss of weight during storage can be reduced by storing only eggs with shells of slight apparent porosity.



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