Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 19

Number 210
March 1937
The effect of electric current on certain crop plants

Number 211
April 1937
Changes in the Acetylmethylcarbinol plus Diacetyl content of butter

Number 212
April 1937
The utilization of heat from electric surface units by certain cooking utensils

Number 213
May 1937
Starting baked products in cold versus preheated ovens

Number 214
May 1937
Chemistry of butter and butter making III. The relationships between (1) the percentage fat and (2) the protein percentages of cream and the churning loss

Number 215
May 1937
Care of meat in the household refrigerator

Number 216
May 1937
Crown infection of corn by Diplodia zeae

Number 217
June 1937
The occurrence of Azotobacter in Iowa soils and factors affecting their distribution

Number 218
June 1937
The influence of size of brood cell upon the size and variability of the honeybee (Apis rnellifera L .)

Number 219
June 1937
The effect of injury in imitation of hail damage on the development of small grain

Number 220
September 1937
Regeneration in various types of apple wood

Number 221
October 1937
The influence of the type of butter culture and Its method of use on the flavor and keeping quality of salted butter