Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 21

Number 232
February 1938
Influence of temperature and humidity upon the growth of chick embryos in a mechanically ventilated incubator

Number 233
February 1938
Effect of aeration under pressure on Diacetyl production In butter cultures

Number 234
June 1938
Tests of significance in reversal or switchback trials

Number 235
June 1938
Experiments with modified techniques for the determination of purity and viability of Bluegrass seed, Poa Pratensis L.

Number 236
June 1938
Iowa incomes as reported in income tax returns

Number 237
August 1938
Bacteriology of cheese III. Some factors affecting the ripening of Blue (Roquefort type) cheese

Number 238
September 1938
Indexing farmers' seed lots for seedborne organisms and response to seed disinfectants

Number 239
September 1938
Laboratory tests of field crop seeds as indicators of seeding value

Number 240
September 1938
The significance and technique of dry matter determinations in yield tests of Alfalfa and red clover

Number 241
October 1938
Socio-Economic phases of soil conservation in the Tarkio Creek area economics of agricultural land use adjustments. II