Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


BIue cheese (roquefort type) represents a cheese type of considerable commercial importance in the United States. It is not only consumed in the natural condition but is also used in making various products, such as cheese spreads, salad dressing, etc. Much of the blue cheese used in the United States is imported from various European countries. Although this type of cheese has been made in the United States from cows' milk for some time, the industry has not developed to any extent. In the various attempts to expand the blue cheese industry, American manufacturers have met with a number of difficulties. These include (a) the failure of the cheese to develop enough of the characteristic flavor in a reasonable length of time, (b) the failure of the mold to develop properly in the cheese, (c) the lack of uniformity in successive · lots of cheese, (d) the yellow color of the cheese, especially when made during the period of luxuriant pastures and (e) the relatively high cost of manufacture as compared to that in certain other countries.



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