Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 22

Number 242
October 1938
The physical and chemical characteristics of lards and other fats in relation to their culinary value I. Shortening value in pastry and cookies

Number 243
September 1938
A study of Drouth resistance in inbred strains of sweet corn Zea Mays Var. Rugosa

Number 244
September 1938
Influence of growth temperature on the thermal resistance of some bacteria from evaporated milk

Number 245
December 1938
Differential reaction of apple varieties to Gymnosporangium Juniperi-Virginianae

Number 246
October 1938
Bacteriology of butter VI. Effect of moisture dispersion in butter on growth of bacteria

Number 247
November 1938
Fluorine toxicosis in the albino rat

Number 248
December 1938
Farm mortgage foreclosures in southern Iowa 1915-1936

Number 249
December 1938
Differential mobility within the rural population in 18 Iowa townships, 1928 to 1935

Number 250
February 1939
Post-War developments in the marketing of butter