Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 24

Number 260
June 1939
Differences in Iowa farms and their significance in the planning of agricultural programs

Number 261
June 1939
Post-War developments in the marketing of cheese

Number 262
August 1939
Local hog marketing practices in Iowa

Number 263
September 1939
Bacteriology of butter VII. Effect of reworking butter on growth of bacteria

Number 264
November 1939
Bacteriology of cheese IV. Factors affecting the ripening of Swiss-type cheese made from Pasteurized milk

Number 265
December 1939
Butterfat procurement by creameries in Butler County, Iowa

Number 266
December 1939
Corporate land, foreclosures, mortgage debt and land values in Iowa, 1939

Number 267
December 1939
Bacteriology of butter VIII. Relationship of Achromobacter putrefaciens to the putrid defect of butter

Number 268
December 1939
Diacetyl and other Alpha-Dicarbonyl compounds with special reference to the flavor of butter

Number 269
December 1939
Defects which reduce quality and yield of Oak-Hickory stands in southeastern Iowa

Number 270
January 1940
Could hogs be sold by carcass weight and grade in the United States?

Number 271
April 1940
The relation of wall construction to moisture accumulation in fill-type insulation

Number 272
April 1940
An economic study of the baby beef enterprise in southern Iowa

Number 273
August 1940
An experiment in pre-harvest sampling of wheat fields

Number 274
August 1940
An inhibitor produced by Diplodia zeae (Schw.) Lev.

Number 275
September 1940
Dairy and hog farming in northeastern Iowa

Number 276
September 1940
Cooperation in grain marketing in Iowa

Number 277
September 1940
The great horned owl and its prey in north-central United States

Number 278
September 1940
An economic study of the dairy enterprise in northeastern Iowa

Number 279
September 1940
The physical and chemical characteristics of lards and other fats in relation to their culinary value III. For frying purposes

Number 280
October 1940
Effect of Hormodin A, a growth substance, on the rooting of cuttings