Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


Butterfat procurement at local creameries has undergone pronounced changes since pre-war days. With the improvement in roads and motor vehicles there has been a transition from direct deliveries from nearby territories to commercial truck routes covering relatively wide areas.

During 1937 there were 10 creameries operating in Butler County with an average production of 236,660 pounds of butter for the year. Only one creamery exceeded 500,000 pounds. Nine of these 10 creameries operated regularly scheduled truck routes. In addition, 13 creameries located outside the county received a portion of their butterfat supplies on truck routes extending into Butler County.

Thirteen creameries for which comparable records are available for the periods May 1-15, 1937, operated 78 routes and received about 77 percent of their butterfat on trucks. For individual creameries the percentage ranged from 32.2 to 97.4 percent.



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