Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


Nearly 20 years have elapsed since a comprehensive appraisal was made of cooperation in grain marketing in Iowa.2 It is the purpose of this study to bring the history of the movement up to date, to present a brief cross-section view of the present status of farmers' elevators and to reappraise the movement in the light of recent developments and present trends.

The chief source of information regarding the present situation is the survey of all cooperatives in Iowa made in 1937,3 supplemented by further investigations extending through 1938 and 1939. Previous studies were drawn upon, particularly with reference to the history of farmers' elevators and with reference to some aspects of their organization and membership situation.

Since over 70 years have elapsed since the first farmers' elevator association was organized in Iowa, a brief sketch of the history of the movement will be presented.



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