Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 25

Number 281
September 1940
The analysis of lattice and triple lattice experiments in corn varietal tests I Construction and numerical analysis by Gertrude M. Cox and Robert C. Eckhardt II Mathematical theory by W. G. Cochran

Number 282
October 1940
Performance of electric roasters

Number 283
October 1940
Bacteriology of cheese V. Defects of blue (Roquefort-Type) cheese

Number 284
November 1940
The quality of butter made from Vacuum-pasteurized and Vat-pasteurized lots of the same creams

Number 285
January 1941
Classification of the organisms important in dairy products III. Pseudomonas putrefaciens

Number 286
May 1941
Precast tile beam floor

Number 287
May 1941
Pythium Graminicola Subr. on Barley

Number 288
June 1941
Farm taxes and the cost of public services in relation to land resources in Ringgold County, Iowa

Number 289
August 1941
An examination of the accuracy of lattice and lattice square experiments on corn

Number 290
August 1941
Flavor development in salted butter by pure cultures of bacteria preliminary results

Number 291
August 1941
Bacteriology of cheese VI. Relationship of fat hydrolysis to the ripening of cheddar cheese

Number 292
August 1941
Transmission tests of maize mutants induced by ultra-violet radiation

Number 293
October 1941
Incoming and outgoing payments of Iowa farm families

Number 294
January 1942
The viability and germination of seeds of Convolvulus Arvensis L. and other perennial weeds

Number 295
March 1942
Strawberry production in south-eastern Iowa as influenced by varieties, fertilizers and cultural practices

Number 296
March 1942
Influence of cultural factors on alfalfa seedling infection by Pythium debaryanum Hesse

Number 297
April 1942
Tables of orthogonal polynomial values extended to N=104

Number 298
April 1942
Effects of crop acreage control features of AAA on feed production in 11 Midwest states

Number 299
April 1942
Poultry products research: A guide for research workers, including a list of some problems in project form

Number 300
April 1942
Estimation of income tax revenue and incidence

Number 301
May 1942
Diacetyl and Acetylmethylcarbinol production in the manufacture of unsalted butter

Number 302
June 1942
Methods of computing a regression of yield on weather

Number 303
May 1942
Prices of farm products in Iowa, 1851-1940