Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


Cheese made from raw homogenized cream mixed with skimmilk (raw or pasteurized) commonly developed a rancid flavor early in the ripening, but the condition tended to disappear as ripening progressed, and eventually the cheese was not rancid and was more satisfactory in flayor than cheese made from pasteurized milk or from pasteurized homogenized cream mixed with pasteurized skimmilk. In some cases it was more satisfactory in flavor than cheese made from raw milk. Cheese made from pasteurized milk had very low fat acidities and lacked flavor, whereas cheese having definitely higher fat acidities commonly had more flavor. Raw milk cheese had lower fat acidities than that made from raw homogenized cream with skimmilk but somewhat higher acidities than that made from pasteurized homogenized cream with pasteurized skimmilk.

Addition of pancreatin to pasteurized milk for cheese resulted in a disagreeable rancid flavor immediately after manufacture, and the condition did not disappear during ripening. In most instances the ripened cheese also was bitter.



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