Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


For many years strawberries have been an important cash crop in southeastern Iowa, particularly in the vicinity of Montrose. Dunlap has been the leading variety grown. The crop has been marketed by a small but unusually well-organized cooperative association known as the Iowa Fruit Company of Montrose, Iowa.

Several years ago the growers began to experience certain difficulties which materially reduced the value of their crop. Disease and drouth lowered yields. The soils devoted to strawberry culture began to show the effects of continuous cropping under the prevailing system of soil management. Prices fell to such an extent that receipts scarcely paid the harvesting and marketing expenses. The shipping quality of Dunlap became another factor. The berry was too soft to carry long distances and still maintain its attractiveness. Newer varieties grown in other sections of the country had more buyer appeal on the markets.



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