Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


The term "Poultry Products" is comparatively new. Dairy products, corn products, and soybean products are subjects for rather elaborate research and are manufactured for a multitude of uses. Egg products also have many potential uses.

In the case of poultry only about half of the live weight is edible flesh as commonly served at the table. The other parts are of value and some of them may have medicinal and/or food-fortifying value as is the case with the byproducts of heavy livestock.

Before progress will be certain in this field of research, as in all worth-while research, there must be a clear understanding of the fundamental problems. There must also be trained people, good physical facilities, labor and money, and a planned advancement, which constitute favorable research or fact finding, interpreting of the results, and putting the discoveries to use.



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