Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


Experiments were conducted to determine whether or not oat hulls contain a factor or factors essential for the growth of the chick.

When 20 percent of oat hulls was added to a ration composed of oat groats, minerals, cod-liver oil and dried skimmilk or dried buttermilk, an increase in growth resulted.

An increase in growth was obtained by supplementing the alcohol:precipitate factor deficient ration of Schumacher et al (24) with yeast or choline, and the occurrence of perosis was practically eliminated. The addition of 20 percent oat hulls to this basal ration caused an increase in growth.

The results obtained when oat hulls were added to -the two rations indicated that oat hul1s contained a factor or factors present in yeast, dried skimmilk and dried buttermilk that are essential for the growth of the chick.



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