Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 27

Number 321
August 1943
The proper size and location of corn stabilization stocks

Number 322
October 1943
Some farm family gardens pay in dollars

Number 323
October 1943
Cost, distribution and utilization of farm machinery in Iowa

Number 324
November 1943
Adjusting crop acreages for war production to the soil resources of Iowa

Number 325
March 1944
Bacteriology of cheese VII. Calcium and phosphorus contents of various cheeses, including relationship to bacterial action in the manufacturing procedures

Number 326
May 1944
The nutritive value of corn oil meal and feather protein

Number 327
May 1944
General agriculture in the high schools of Iowa

Number 328
June 1944
Classification of the organisms important in dairy products IV. Bacterium linens

Number 329
June 1944
Statistical investigations of farm sample surveys taken in Iowa, Florida and California

Number 330
June 1944
The coordination of wheat and corn price controls

Number 331
June 1944
Vegetative development of inbred and hybrid maize

Number 332
June 1944
Soil-inhabiting fungi attacking the roots of maize

Number 333
June 1944
Design and statistical analysis of some confounded factorial experiments

Number 334
December 1944
Testing the quality of seeds for farm and garden

Number 335
January 1945
Teacher supply and demand in home economics in Iowa, 1935-1941

Number 336
January 1945
The effect of various adjuvants to the diet of rats on the changes in body fats induced by feeding soybean oil

Number 337
April 1945
Materials-balance method for determining losses of butterfat in the creamery

Number 338
September 1945
Epiphytology and control of sugar beet leaf spot caused by Cercospora beticola Sacc.

Number 339
October 1945
Bacteriology of butter lX. Salt distribution in butter and its effect on bacterial growth

Number 340
November 1945
Further experiments with the Iowa air blast seed separator for the analysis of small-seeded grasses

Number 341
January 1946
Pre-harvest sampling of soybeans for yield and quality

Number 342
May 1946
The retting of hemp I. Field retting of hemp in Iowa

Number 343
May 1946
The retting of hemp II. Controlled retting of hemp

Number 344
May 1946
The retting of hemp III. Biochemical changes accompanying retting of hemp

Number 345
July 1946
Germinability of treated and untreated lots of vegetable seed in Pythium-infested soil and in the field