Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


According to the 1940 census for Iowa the average estimated value of the garden products reported (excluding potatoes) ranged from $27 in the Western Livestock area to $38 in the Northeast Dairy are!l and from $21 in Plymouth County to $55 in Winneshiek. The state average was $35. These figures are averages of crude estimates. They do, however, serve to reveal that the returns from farm family gardens differ greatly within the state.

To learn more about possible returns from farm family gardens, data on garden returns, costs and difficulties and fruits and vegetables purchased were secured from groups of families living in Story County in 1940 and 1941. The experience of these families indicates possible returns from gardens. The families included were a selected group. The non-FSA families included in 1940 were reeommended by the County Agricultural Agent, and the FSA families recommended were thought to be interested in gardening and willing to keep necessary records. Some families have kept records both years. Families who kept records only in 1941 were recommended by those who kept records in 1940 or by the FSA supervisors.



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