Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station Research Bulletin

Volume 28

Number 346
November 1946
A test of the performance of portable electric mixers for household use

Number 347
April 1947
Punched card and calculating machine methods for analyzing lattice experiments including lattice squares and the cubic lattice

Number 348
June 1947
Domestic spark arresters

Number 349
June 1947
Observations on mold development and on deterioration in stored yellow dent shelled corn

Number 350
June 1947
Pattern of farm size adjustment in Iowa

Number 351
July 1947
Investigations in seed classification by family characteristics

Number 352
July 1947
Soil type and soil management factors in hemp production

Number 353
August 1947
Comparative analysis of red fox feeding trends on two central Iowa areas

Number 354
October 1947
Composition of hog carcasses as influenced by heritable differences in rate and economy of gain

Number 355
November 1947
The effectiveness of roofing nails for application of metal building sheets

Number 356
November 1947
Changes in Iowa population

Number 357
June 1948
Effect of time of cutting red clover on forage yields, seed setting and chemical composition

Number 358
December 1948
Breeding behavior at successive generations following hybridization in soybeans

Number 359
January 1949
The effect of injury simulating hail damage to soybeans

Number 360
February 1949
The expansion of vocational education in agriculture in Iowa

Number 361
June 1949
Farm ownership in the Midwest

Number 362
August 1949
Studies on the forms and availability of soil organic phosphorus