Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 29

Number 363
August 1949
The extent and causes of variability in Clinton oats

Number 364
September 1949
Farm fence end and corner design

Number 365
September 1949
Rural organization in process: A case study of Hamilton County, Iowa

Number 366
October 1949
Life history of the white bass, Lepibema chrysops (Rafinesque), of Spirit Lake, Iowa

Number 367
November 1949
An economic appraisal of Iowa farm housing

Number 368
November 1949
Changes in the demand for meat and dairy products in the United States since 1910

Number 369
November 1949
Some fertilizer experiments with deciduous forest tree seedlings on several Iowa soils

Number 370
December 1949
Inheritance of resistance to specific races of crown and stem rust, to Helminthosporium blight, and of certain agronomic characters of oats

Number 371
December 1949
Plant research in the tropics: A symposium on growth and development of maize in the Latin Americas

Number 372
January 1950
Acceptance and diffusion of hybrid corn seed in two Iowa communities

Number 373
April 1950
Economic effects of the Missouri river development program with special reference to Iowa

Number 374
June 1950
Inheritance and interrelation of some agronomic and chemical characters in an interspecific cross in soybeans, Glycine max x G. ussuriensis

Number 375
July 1950
Family factors in tenure experience: Hamilton County, Iowa, 1946

Number 376
December 1950
Food habits and preferences: A study of Iowa people of two age groups

Number 377
December 1950
Buying of farms in Story County, Iowa, 1940-48