Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 3

Number 0
January 1918
Volume 3, Contents and Index

Number 27
January 1916
Studies on the formation of gas in milk

Number 28
January 1916
Studies on the clarification of milk

Number 29
January 1916
Studies on the numbers of bacteria in milk showing various changes

Number 30
January 1916
Inheritance of color and horns in blue-gray cattle

Number 31
July 1916
Studies on the creaming ability of milk

Number 32
March 1916
Estimation of calcium in ash for forage plants and animal carcasses

Number 33
March 1916
Studies on a fusarium disease of corn and sorghum (preliminary)

Number 34
July 1916
Studies in sulfofication

Number 35
July 1916
Effect of some manganese salts on ammonification and nitrification

Number 36
July 1916
Influence of humus forming materials of different nitrogen-carbon ratios on bacterial activities

Number 37
November 1916
Environmental influences on nectar secretion

Number 38
January 1917
Fishiness in evaporated milk

Number 39
February 1916
Carbon dioxide production in soils and carbon and nitrogen changes in soils variously treated

Number 40
March 1917
The relative influence of microorganisms and plant enzyms on corn silage fermentation

Number 41
June 1917
A rapid volumetric method for approximate estimation of chlorine in milk

Number 42
December 1917
The occurrence and significance of mannitol in silage

Number 43
December 1917
Effect of sulfur and manure on availability of rock phosphate in soil