Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 30

Number 378
February 1951
Farm family housing needs and preferences in the north central region

Number 379
February 1951
Agricultural cooperatives in Iowa: Farmers' opinions and community relations

Number 380
May 1951
Evaluation of variance components from a group of experiments with multiple classifications

Number 381
May 1951
Returns from and capital required for soil conservation farming systems: A study of a specific population of farms and soils

Number 382
July 1951
Principles of conservation economics and policy

Number 383
August 1951
The economics of crop rotations and land use: A fundamental study in efficiency with emphasis on economic balance of forage and grain crops

Number 384
August 1951
Nutrient uptake by soybeans on two Iowa soils

Number 385
April 1952
Defrosting and cooking frozen meat: The effect of method of defrosting and of the manner and temperature of cooking upon weight loss and palatability

Number 386
May 1952
Relationship of crop-share and cash leasing systems to farming efficiency

Number 387
May 1952
Demand and diversity of use of electricity on 16 farms in the eastern livestock area of Iowa

Number 388
June 1952
Resource productivity in Iowa farming with special reference to uncertainty and capital use in southern Iowa

Number 389
June 1952
The cost of manufacturing butter: A study based on data from 13 Iowa creameries

Number 390
September 1952
Substitution relationships, resource requirements and income variability in the utilization of forage crops

Number 391
October 1952
Some obstacles to soil erosion control in western Iowa