Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


Use of electricity by farmers is increasing at a rapid rate. This increase in use is illustrated by the experience of the Marshall County Rural Electric Cooperative. In 1940 an average of 50 kw-hrs per month was used by its 227 consumers, in 1945 an average of 104 kw-hrs by 1,463 consumers, and in 1950 an average of 274 kw-hrs per month by 2,295 consumers. In February 1951 use jumped to an average of 406 kw-hrs per consumer.

While use of electricity is important, it is the demand which use creates that determines the design of farm wiring systems, transformers, distribution and transmission lines, and generation facilities. Many of the demand characteristics of present farm loads are not known. This lack of information has resulted in faulty distribution system design and inadequate electrical service to farmers.



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