Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 31

Number 392
October 1952
Educational needs of less privileged homemakers in a rural county in Iowa

Number 393
January 1953
Improving farm rental arrangements in Iowa

Number 394
February 1953
Transferring farm property within families in Iowa

Number 395
March 1953
The structure of the Iowa retail lumber industry

Number 396
March 1953
Estimations of optimum plot size using data from Bromegrass uniformity trials

Number 397
May 1953
An analysis of tomato yield components in terms of genotypic and environmental effects

Number 398
June 1953
Interdependence between the farm business and the farm household with implications on economic efficiency

Number 399
August 1953
Effects of grass competition upon the establishment of hardwood plantations in Iowa

Number 400
October 1953
Effects of certain components of simulated hail injury on soybeans and corn

Number 401
October 1953
Productivity and income of labor and capital on Marshall Silt Loam farms in relation to conservation farming

Number 402
November 1953
Objective grade specifications for slaughter steer carcasses

Number 403
March 1953
Economics of some soil conservation practices

Number 404
January 1954
Economic instability and choices involving income and risk in primary or crop production

Number 405
January 1954
Economic analysis of trends in beef cattle and hog prices

Number 406
February 1954
Significance of soil organic phosphorus to plant growth

Number 407
April 1954
Rural-Urban migration in Iowa, 1940-50

Number 408
April 1954
An exploratory study of expectations, uncertainty and farm plans in southern Iowa agriculture

Number 409
May 1954
New procedures in estimating feed substitution rates and in determining economic efficiency in pork production I. Replacement rates of corn and soybean oilmeal in fortified rations for growing-fattening swine

Number 410
July 1954
Application of econometric procedures to the demands for agricultural products

Number 411
July 1954
Genetic factors governing resistance and susceptibility of oats to Puccinia coronata Corda var. avenae, F. and L., Race 57

Number 412
July 1954
Resource productivity and returns on 160·Acre farms in North-Central Iowa (A production function study of marginal returns on farms with fixed plants)