Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


Third-year results are reported for a test of the effects of removing sod competition, mulching with sod, and root pruning on the survival and growth of black locust, green ash and American elm seedlings planted in both medium and heavy sod covers. Four sizes of sod scalps, 6 (check), 12. 24 and 48 inches in diameter were used. Half of all the plots were mulched with inverted sod, and root-pruned seedlings were used on half of the plots. Two supplementary studies. designed to help explain some of the results of the planting study, also are reported. One of these tested the effects of 12- and 48-inch scalps with and without inverted sod mulch. and those of a check. upon soil moisture during the growing season. This study was located on the heavily sodded area used in the planting study. The other supplementary experiment was designed to determine the permanent wilting point and the relative rates of soil moisture depletion by hardwood tree seedlings and bromegrass over a range of soil moisture values from field capacity to permanent wilting.



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