Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


Many oat investigators believe that disease-resistant varieties can be maintained only by continuous breeding to keep pace with the uncontrollable change in races of highly specialized obligate parasites such as Puccinia coronata avenae, which causes crown rust of oats. This concept is being utilized, at the present time in oat breeding programs by supplementing the Bond type of crown rust resistance with other types of resistance to prevalent races which now attack Bond and its derivatives. If these methods continue to be the hope of maintaining disease resistance, the efficiency of the program depends upon the rapid transfer of genes for crown resistance to agronomically desirable varieties. The most satisfactory method to attain this efficiency would be to catalog genetic factors and combinations of genetic factors for resistance to specific races. Such information would facilitate rapid transfer of resistance to agronomically desirable varieties for any race of rust which appears as a potential threat to present-day varieties.



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