Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 32

Number 413
August 1954
What does the Iowa farmer want from radio market news?

Number 414
September 1954
An estimate of the volume of farm dwelling construction in Iowa

Number 415
October 1954
The retail lumber establishment and farm dwelling construction in Iowa

Number 416
October 1954
Farm rental practices and problems in the Midwest

Number 417
November 1954
How do Iowa farmers obtain and use market news?

Number 418
December 1954
Incomplete block designs with blocks of two plots

Number 419
December 1954
Economic efficiency in pasture production and improvement in southern Iowa

Number 420
January 1955
Load characteristics of southeastern Iowa farms using electric ranges

Number 421
January 1955
Objective grade specifications for slaughter barrow and gilt carcasses

Number 422
January 1955
Comparison of costs of service and self-service methods in retail meat departments

Number 423
March 1955
Costs, returns and capital requirements for soil-conserving farming on rented farms in western Iowa

Number 424
March 1955
Crop response surfaces and economic optima in fertilizer use

Number 425
April 1955
Resource returns and productivity coefficients in selected farming areas of Iowa, Montana and Alabama

Number 426
April 1955
Optimum combinations of competitive crops at particular locations (Application of linear programming: 1)

Number 427
April 1955
Application of input-output analysis to a simple model emphasizing agriculture (A study of the interdependence of agriculture and other sectors of the national economy)

Number 428
May 1955
Farm size adjustments in Iowa and cost economies in crop production for farms of different sizes

Number 429
June 1955
Costs and returns for soil-conserving systems of farming on Ida-Monona soils in Iowa

Number 430
July 1955
Population change and net migration in the north central states, 1940-50

Number 431
July 1955
Economic instability and choices involving income and risk In livestock and poultry production

Number 432
October 1955
Relationships between lard production methods, volumes of production, costs and characteristics of lard produced in selected packing plants

Number 433
October 1955
Marginal productivity of resources and imputation of shares for cash and share rented farms

Number 434
December 1955
Nutrition of 9-, 10- and 11-year-old public school children in Iowa, Kansas and Ohio I. Dietary findings

Number 435
January 1956
Optimum allocation of resources between pasture improvement and other opportunities on southern Iowa farms

Number 436
February 1956
Physical and mathematical theories of tile and ditch drainage and their usefulness in design

Number 437
February 1956
Optimum combinations of livestock enterprises and management practices on farms including supplementary dairy and poultry enterprises (An application of linear programming)

Number 438
February 1956
Application of expectation models to livestock and crop prices and products

Number 439
April 1956
Combinations of rotations and fertilization to maximize crop profits on farms in north-central Iowa (An application of linear programming)

Number 440
May 1956
Optimum farm plans for beginning farmers on Tama-Muscatine soils

Number 441
August 1956
Production functions, isoquants, isoclines and economic optima in corn fertilization for experiments with two and three variable nutrients

Number 442
October 1956
Least-cost rations and optimum marketing weights for broilers: Production functions, gain isoquants, substitution ratios, least-cost rations and optimum marketing weights for broilers fed corn and soybean oilmeal in a fortified ration

Number 443
October 1956
Least-cost rations and optimum marketing weights for turkeys

Number 444
October 1956
Milk production functions, hay/grain substitution rates and economic optima in dairy cow rations

Number 445
November 1956
Analysis of the efficiencies of alternative farm leasing arrangements (An application of linear programming)

Number 446
January 1957
Effects of the USDA corn storage program on corn carryover stocks and corn utilization

Number 447
January 1957
Uncertainty, expectations and investment decisions for a sample of central Iowa farmers