Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)

Volume 33

Number 448
March 1957
Management aspects of school lunch programs In Iowa

Number 449
April 1957
Optimum farm plans for beginning tenant farmers on Clarion-Webster soils (An application of linear programming)

Number 450
April 1957
Farm planning for maximum profits on the Cresco-Clyde soils in northeast Iowa, and comparison of farm and nonfarm incomes for beginning farmers (An application of linear programming)

Number 451
May 1957
An analysis of returns from farm and nonfarm employment opportunities on Shelby-Grundy-Haig soils

Number 452
June 1957
The social status and occupational prospects of married farm laborers in Cherokee County, Iowa, 1949

Number 453
December 1957
Load characteristics of selected highly electrified Iowa farms

Number 454
December 1957
Application of input-output analysis to a regional model stressing agriculture

Number 455
January 1958
Economic optima in soil conservation farming and fertilizer use for farms in the Ida-Monona soil area of western Iowa

Number 456
January 1958
Plans for beginning farmers in southwest Iowa with comparison of farm and nonfarm income opportunities

Number 457
February 1958
Seasonal changes in soil moisture as related to rainfall, soil type and crop growth

Number 458
March 1958
Research on irrigation of corn and soybeans at Conesville and Ankeny, Iowa, 1951 to 1955

Number 459
August 1958
Effects of the federal programs for corn and other grains on corn prices, feed grains production and livestock production

Number 460
August 1958
Soil erosion control in process in western Iowa

Number 461
November 1958
Relative efficiencies of farm tenure classes in intrafirm resource allocation

Number 462
November 1958
New procedures in estimating feed substitution rates and in determining economic efficiency in pork production II. Replacement rates of corn and soybean oilmeal in fortified rations for growing-fattening swine on pasture

Number 463
December 1958
Fertilizer production functions for corn and oats; Including an analysis of irrigated and residual response

Number 464
December 1958
A comparison of methods and blowers for the purity analysis of Kentucky Bluegrass seed

Number 465
February 1959
Evaluation of some soil moisture characteristics of Iowa soils

Number 466
April 1959
Progress and problems in the Iowa soil conservation districts program: A pilot study of the Jasper soil conservation district

Number 467
May 1959
An application of linear programming to the study of supply responses in dairying

Number 468
May 1959
Food intakes of 2,189 women in five north central states

Number 469
September 1959
An input-output analysis emphasizing regional and commodity sectors of agriculture

Number 470
October 1959
Educational needs of three socio-economic groups of rural homemakers in Iowa

Number 471
November 1959
Changes in supply functions and supply elasticities in hog production

Number 472
November 1959
Production surfaces and economic optima for corn yields with respect to stand and nitrogen levels

Number 473
December 1959
Forecasting beef cattle and hog prices by quarter-years

Number 474
January 1960
A statistical analysis of certain institutional variables in the butter and margarine market

Number 475
February 1960
Use of a dynamic model in programming optimum conservation farm plans on Ida-Monona soils

Number 476
February 1960
An alternative parity formula for agriculture

Number 477
April 1960
Consumer preferences for pork, Des Moines, Iowa

Number 478
May 1960
Economy of innovations in dairy farming and adjustments to increase resource returns

Number 479
June 1960
Iowa farm operators' and farm landlords' knowledge of, participation in and acceptance of the old age and survivors insurance program

Number 480
June 1960
Adjustments to meet changes in prices and to improve incomes on dairy farms in northeastern Iowa (An application of programming methods in deriving supply responses and imputed resource values)

Number 481
July 1960
An analysis of income possibilities from farm adjustments in southern Iowa; Including production of Grade B milk

Number 482
September 1960
Biology of a large mayfly, Hexagenia bilineata (Say), of the upper Mississippi river

Number 483
September 1960
Biology and possible control of Nuisance Caddisflies of the upper Mississippi river

Number 484
October 1960
Competitive position of small dairy herds on north-central Iowa farms

Number 485
October 1960
Theories of choice in relation to farmer decisions

Number 486
October 1960
Profit-maximizing plans and static supply schedules for fluid milk in the Des Moines milkshed

Number 487
November 1960
Programming procedures for farm and home planning under variable price, yield and capital quantities

Number 488
December 1960
Application of game theory models to decisions on farm practices and resource use