Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


This study presents production functions for three experiments on corn in Iowa. It is fourth in a series of studies designed to derive corn response surfaces, yield isoquants and economic optima in fertilizer use.:! It differs from previous studies in that, for the first time, stand (plant population) is included as a variable input along with a plant nutrient (nitrogen). The analysis permits estimation of yield response to stand and to nitrogen as well as to the interaction between stand and nitrogen. Knowledge of this type is relevant, not only for farm recommendations, but also for improved planning of fertilization experiments.

The first experiment reported involved stand levels on Shelby loam and was conducted in Ringgold County in 1956. The other two experiments reported were conducted in 1953, with variable stand and nitrogen levels on Marshall and Seymour silt loams, respectively, and were located in Fremont and Wayne counties.3 Each of these experiments included an early and an adapted variety of corn (Iowa 4297 or Iowa 4397 and A.E.S. 801, respectively).



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