Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


The purposes of this study were to determine: (1) the extent to which farm operators and farm landlords are participating in OASI by paying the taxes and by receiving benefits; (2) the extent and sources of knowledge about OASI and the factors associated with differences in knowledge levels; (S) farm operators' and farm landlords' opinions of OASI and factors associated with differences in opinion; (4) changes in the OASI program recommended by farm operators and farm landlords; and (5) retirement plans of farm operators and farm landlords 50 years of age or older and the place of OASI in those plans.

Data were collected through interviews with 346 farm operators and 166 farm landlords in a statewide sample. Although the sample was a stratified area sample, the sampling rate was so low that sampling error is rather high. This should be kept in mind in generalizing the sample data to the farm population of the state.



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