Research Bulletin (Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station)


This study was initiated to develop and improve linear programming models which might have greater application to the planning of individual farm businesses. The extension services of most states have inaugurated widespread farm and home planning projects. The increased business development and commercialization of farming causes increasing importance to fall on this type of planning. With the computational facilities available to both county extension personnel and farmers, the magnitude of variables and quantities which can be considered in planning are not great. The development of linear programming planning techniques and the availability of high capacity computers stands to allow planning for individual farmers by this method. It is possible for farm families to keep adequate farm and home records and supply certain other information, allowing several plans to be developed by high speed computers at a reasonable cost. This step can already be accomplished for simple static programs. This study has been conducted, however, to develop and apply procedures which allow analysis of stability of plans and farm and household interdependence in plans. The methods are developed to an extent that they might later be taken over in extension applications with programming services provided at a cost to individual farmers.



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